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2546Re: More indent questions

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  • Jeremy Cowgar
    Apr 20, 2010
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      No input on this? Just to make sure formatting was correct, period = space

      ...."Hello" println

      ....10 times


      I can make the things such as 10 times ... say-hello indent properly,
      but how do I make things such as say-hello, then the next line (and all
      subsequent lines) be indented?


      On 4/12/2010 1:34 PM, Jeremy Cowgar wrote:
      > I am trying to write a mode for the Josl programming language,
      > http://www.josl.org
      > I can get everything to indent, i.e.
      > is-person? if
      > "Hello, Person!" println
      > end
      > except for the new words...
      > say-hello
      > "Hello" println
      > main
      > say-hello
      > say-hello
      > 10 times
      > say-hello
      > next
      > So, if a word starts in column 1, then it's a new top level word. That
      > top level word's definition continues until a new top level word
      > begins. Now, in practical use, you separate two top level words by two
      > blank lines, so that could be used to detect the end of a word for
      > indentation.
      > Does anyone have an idea on how this can be accomplished?
      > Jeremy
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