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2541Re: [jasspa] Crash while executing 'read-file'

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  • Steven Phillips
    Feb 18, 2010

      I've reproduced the issue, now looking for the cause and a fix - thanks for reporting this.


      azynheira wrote:

      I have found a weird problem, reproducible in Windows and Linux 2.6.

      1) Have a script with 'read-file foobar', this can be done via macro call or directly. Make sure that 'foobar' file does not exist.

      2) Load that script into a buffer in Micro Emacs (I have tested with latest 2009 version).

      3) Execute the buffer via "execute-buffer' - Cambum! There you go anice and clean crash :-)

      It only happens if the 'read-file' statement is inside a read buffer and the buffer is executed not if the macro is executed via @script notation.



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