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2538Re: [jasspa] Zap to chararcter macro

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  • Steven Phillips
    Feb 9, 2010
      This should do what you what, copy this into your user emf file...


      ----- zap macro ----------------------
      define-macro zap
        !force set-variable #l0 @1
        !if &not $status
          set-variable #l0 @mc "Zap to char: "
        !elif &sub &len #l0 1
          ml-write "[Error: invalid argument, must be a single char]"
        !if &les @# 0
          !force !force &abs @# search-buffer "bM" #l0
          !force !force &abs @# search-buffer "M" #l0
        !if &not $status
          ml-write &spr "[Search for '%s' failed]" #l0
      --------------- end -------------------

      neeraj wrote:

      Hi All
      I am new to jasspa esp its macro lang (new as in a week old). I love the editor its fast and small and its emacs.

      One thing I am missing dearly is the zap to character (Meta-z) in emacs. It should not be overly complicated to write one, I was wondering if anyone has hacked it already or has any pointers.


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