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2513Re: [jasspa] Fix for the emacs.exe problem

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  • Jon Green
    Nov 10, 2009
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      Jon Green wrote:
      > Gomes, Pedro (NSN - PT/Amadora) wrote:
      >> [Attachment(s) <#TopText> from Gomes, Pedro (NSN - PT/Amadora) included
      >> below]
      >> Hello All,
      >> Attached a fix for the reported problem…
      >> Was just a matter of getting the executable name via the Win32 calls
      >> (GetModuleFileName). Worked fine in Un*x but not in Windows … :-))
      >> <<main.c>>
      >> Regards,
      >> Pedro
      >> Attachment(s) from Gomes, Pedro (NSN - PT/Amadora)
      >> 1 of 1 File(s)
      >> main.c <http://d.yimg.com/kq/groups/1188037/1405524053/name/main%2Ec>
      > Hi Pedro,
      > Thanks for this. I would never have found this as I always use the full name
      > via a short-cut.
      > I've run out of time but merged your changes in. I investigated BFS further on
      > Windows and there were a number of problems:
      > i) The file strip did not work - kept appending new versions.
      > ii) Compression was not working on Vista (tmpfp() seems to fail??)
      > I've also sorted out some porting issues as "me" was not building in MS-DEV.
      > I've fixed the archive file timestamps in Windows and UNIX.
      > I've built a windows "me" binary and new "bfs" utility, the source is also
      > posted to Jasspa site. There is no Linux today as I've run out of time and
      > Windows has consumed it all (grump)!
      > Its all a bit new still but I hope this source set is a little better than the
      > last.
      > Regards
      > Jon.

      I'v now posted a Linux 2.6 version.
      Also an incorrect windows bfs.exe was posted - I have uploaded the correct version.

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