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2512Re: [jasspa] Fix for the emacs.exe problem [1 Attachment]

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  • Jon Green
    Nov 9, 2009
      Gomes, Pedro (NSN - PT/Amadora) wrote:
      > [Attachment(s) <#TopText> from Gomes, Pedro (NSN - PT/Amadora) included
      > below]
      > Hello All,
      > Attached a fix for the reported problem…
      > Was just a matter of getting the executable name via the Win32 calls
      > (GetModuleFileName). Worked fine in Un*x but not in Windows … :-))
      > <<main.c>>
      > Regards,
      > Pedro
      > Attachment(s) from Gomes, Pedro (NSN - PT/Amadora)
      > 1 of 1 File(s)
      > main.c <http://d.yimg.com/kq/groups/1188037/1405524053/name/main%2Ec>

      Hi Pedro,

      Thanks for this. I would never have found this as I always use the full name
      via a short-cut.

      I've run out of time but merged your changes in. I investigated BFS further on
      Windows and there were a number of problems:

      i) The file strip did not work - kept appending new versions.
      ii) Compression was not working on Vista (tmpfp() seems to fail??)

      I've also sorted out some porting issues as "me" was not building in MS-DEV.

      I've fixed the archive file timestamps in Windows and UNIX.

      I've built a windows "me" binary and new "bfs" utility, the source is also
      posted to Jasspa site. There is no Linux today as I've run out of time and
      Windows has consumed it all (grump)!

      Its all a bit new still but I hope this source set is a little better than the

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