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2425Re: [jasspa] UTF-8 support?

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  • Jon Green
    Sep 25, 2009
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      Tom Hundt wrote:
      > What's the story with UTF-8 support in ME? I've seen no mention of it
      > anywhere. (For that matter, there's no support of Unicode, in
      > general. Right?)
      > It seems to be the de facto standard for web-related things like PHP
      > and xml files.
      > The good news is, it seems like ME doesn't screw up the encoding if it
      > counters it. (It just leaves the "binary" characters alone, and the
      > remaining ASCII is UTF-8 compatible.) This is good; at least I won't
      > be breaking code.
      > The bad news is, it doesn't display the "binary" characters combined
      > into one Unicode character. So, it's more or less impossible to type
      > the chars.
      > I just installed the 090909 release to see if it had anything for
      > this, but I haven't seen any.
      > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UTF-8
      > Thanks
      > -Th

      Hi Tom,

      Bad news is nothing so far... we have lightly touched on it but neither
      of us has had enough time to do anything about it. We think that UTF-8
      should be workable internally given that we are running a char based

      So the main stumbling block is time. Obviously once you support UTF-8
      then everything else can then be worked into this i.e. UTF-8 can be the
      internal representation.

      So sorry, we know it is currently lacking and will have to be in the
      next release. As you figured out the display part needs to understand
      UTF-8 for both display and for length (although UTF-8 has a good way to
      work out the length of a character).

      We should concentrate on this as priority and get it rectified.

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