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2423UTF-8 support?

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  • Tom Hundt
    Sep 25, 2009
      What's the story with UTF-8 support in ME? I've seen no mention of it
      anywhere. (For that matter, there's no support of Unicode, in
      general. Right?)

      It seems to be the de facto standard for web-related things like PHP
      and xml files.

      The good news is, it seems like ME doesn't screw up the encoding if it
      counters it. (It just leaves the "binary" characters alone, and the
      remaining ASCII is UTF-8 compatible.) This is good; at least I won't
      be breaking code.

      The bad news is, it doesn't display the "binary" characters combined
      into one Unicode character. So, it's more or less impossible to type
      the chars.

      I just installed the 090909 release to see if it had anything for
      this, but I haven't seen any.




      Thomas Hundt <tom@...> +1-415-867-6698
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