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2398JASSPA MicroEmacs 2009 Release - FINAL

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  • Jon Green
    Sep 6, 2009
      The final images for the 2009090 release are now installed in:


      The Web pages will be updated over the next few days to link to the new
      release, in addition some more packages and binaries will appear. At the
      moment I've only completed binaries and packages for Windows and Solaris
      (x86 and Sparc); HPUX 10/11 will follow shortly.

      The spelling dictionaries will now appear in the packages; either
      included or as a separate package, depending on the system.

      I'll also update the build scripts for RPM and debian to drag from the
      web rather than a local directory so that other people will be able to
      automate the building of packages for their systems. So once I have
      completed these any volunteers to build packages for their systems will
      be appreciated. These will slowly appear in:


      At the moment only "solaris" and "win32" are populated with up to date

      Till next time (probably 2012 based on our previous track record).