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2368Re: [jasspa] problems with window size

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  • Christof Boeckler
    May 17, 2009
      Steven Phillips schrieb:
      > The X function call used to get the start-up geometry info is:
      > XrmGetResource( rdb,"MicroEmacs. geometry" ,"MicroEmacs. Geometry"
      > ,&retType,&retVal)

      This function call returns 0. This means the requested resource was not
      found, although I put exactly Jon's resource line in my .Xdefaults file (
      and that was read through the symlink I created earlier today).

      > As Jon says, the most likely cause is that Gtk is not honouring this
      > original way of configuring X applications, have things moved on in the
      > Linux world? So another possible way of resolving this is to find out
      > what config files your Window manager does read and put a suitable
      > configuration in one of those...

      I tried to put the setting in such a file but no effect. In fact I
      started doing this and stumbled upon this problem.

      I will now try to find out, why IceWM is not honouring my settings.

      > Steve

      Thank you both for your help!

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