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2366Re: [jasspa] problems with window size

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  • Jon Green
    May 17, 2009
      Christof Boeckler wrote:
      > Jon Green schrieb:
      >> Christof Boeckler wrote:
      >>> Jon,
      >>> thanks for your reply!
      >>> I tried your settings but they did not solve my problem although it has
      >>> some effect.
      >>> The problem seems to be at a different level because the settings in
      >>> .Xdefaults only have an effect if I start ME from a terminal. If I start
      >>> it through a keyboard shortcut it looks different (size, position).
      >>> I need to explore this further ...
      >>> Christof
      >> Hi Christof,
      > Hi Jon,
      >> OK edit the *.erf and delete the lines
      >> "frame-depth" = "86"
      >> "frame-width" = "168"
      > I deleted those now.
      >> Best to shut down all instances of "me" and then use gedit, ne or
      >> something to hack the .erf file to delete the lines. Then when you run
      >> up again the .Xdefaults will have priority.
      > I tried to narrow down the cause of my problems systematically and found
      > out that settings in .Xdefaults have no effect.
      > Actually on my system the file .Xdefaults isn't even touched by ME (as
      > strace tells me), only a file .Xdefaults-thinkpad (thinkpad is my
      > hostname) is tried to be read (in accordance with X(7)). Setting up a
      > symlink .Xdefaults-thinkpad -> .Xdefaults doesn't change the behaviour,
      > although the file is read. (Your settings give me a 73x14+287+210 window.)
      > I wonder what the interface for setting windows sizes is (in regard to
      > the X server and/or window manager). With other applications (e.g.
      > Mozilla Thunderbird) I can perfectly set up geometry properties through
      > my window manager's configuration (similar to .Xdefaults). With ME it
      > does not work.
      > Is ME making any attempts to set its "window size" or is this totally up
      > to the window manager? Who is responsible for placing and sizing the ME
      > window? I really want this to be fixed.

      The size is controlled by X-Windows via the X-Window resource management
      and the size hints. My guess is that the likes of Thunderbird etc. are
      controlled through some Gtk configuration rather than X-Windows.

      The code that does this is in unixterm.c in function XTERMstart(). me
      does not read the file directly, it is up to the window manager to
      retrieve this information and then return it.

      I cannot say that I have ever had a problem with this it has always
      worked for me on Solaris, HP-UX and SGI. Cannot recall for Linux because
      I do not use Linux much as a general working environment (I assume you
      are on Linux) but cannot recall a problem.

      For you to be using .Xdefaults-thinkpad then you must be running a
      remote desktop.

      I think you are going to have to trace this through, build a debug image
      and then break from XTERMstart tracing it through to see what X returns
      and how it is set up. Or use a few well chosen printf's temporarily to
      see what is going on.


      >> Hope that helps
      >> Jon.
      > Sorry, not yet.
      > Christof
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