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2360problems with window size

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  • Christof Boeckler
    May 16, 2009
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      Hi list,

      I have a serious problem with ME window sizing behaviour. I can't
      remember exactly when it emerged, but I am quite sure that it is related
      to my recently growing screen resolutions. I went from 1024x768 to
      1280x1024 an the problems began if I remember correctly. Lately I even
      switched to 1600x1200 and here's the mess:

      When I start me it seems impossible to tell it wich screen size it shoult
      have not to speakof the position.
      First I tried the generic X option -geometry but me doesn't support this
      Then I tried to store the frame size from inside me. At the next start
      every size and position is possible, from tiny to ridiculusly huge windows.
      My last resort was to set the X properties of me with no effect. (I use
      IceWM on Linux and it has the ability to specify per window sizing
      options in the -geometry option style.)

      If I maximise me I get the following variable values:
      $frame-depth .................. "57"
      $frame-width .................. "159"
      $window-depth ................. "26"
      $window-width ................. "158"

      I am definitely annoyed by resizing me everytime I start it. Is this
      expected behaviour or simply a bug? Is there hope or help?

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