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2354Re: [jasspa] vertical scrollbar missing

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  • Christof Boeckler
    Mar 10, 2009
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      *Now* everything works, but until I changed the settings in setup (from
      narrow, no splitter to something else and back) my scrollbar looked like


      i.e. rather useless, although I had over 70 lines. At first I thought it
      was because of my new bigger screen (1600x1200 res.). But now it works fine.
      The screenshot above looks like a little bug to me.


      Jon Green schrieb:
      > Christof Boeckler wrote:
      > > Hi!
      > > Long time - no mail :-)
      > >
      > > I don't remember the time when I first noticed this, but at the
      > moment my
      > > ME lacks a vertical scroll bar. Is this a configurable feature or more
      > > some king of buggy behaviour?
      > > If configurable, how can I reenable it?
      > >
      > M-x user-setup
      > Platform->Scroll Bars
      > Jon.

      Christof Böckler

      Christof Böckler

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