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2349Re: [jasspa] GPL license ??

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  • Jon Green
    Sep 11 8:37 AM
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      On Thu 11/09/08 5:04 PM , "Pablo Mercader Alcantara" programingfrik@... sent:
      > I heard from a friend that it is not posible to free a software that
      > started as a comercial software because the original author of the
      > software can veto the new license ?

      We sought and obtained permission from the original author.

      > I was searching information on this subject but I'm not part of that
      > envoirment and don't not how or what to search, is this true?, and
      > then is JASSPA's MicroEmacs really free software?

      Yes JASSPA S/W really is legitimately GPL.
      We would not state this if this were not the case or if we were unsure.

      It has been GPL since 2002 and we have not received any complaints.


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