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2334Re: BUG [September 2008 beta] - Win32

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  • Pedro Gomes
    Jul 15, 2008
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      Hi All,
      I was surely not making any pressure at all :-) Just wondering that's
      all :-)

      I totally understand your various points and I'll stop holding my
      breath. :P

      Concerning the MS Vista thing you pointed out, I've been using it for
      some months now (with ME of course!) for some development work I have
      underway without any crashes; and to be honest I dont mind building
      the binaries and performing some tests (live or some testbenches you
      might have!) in order to test MS Vista.

      So, these are just my 2 cents :-)

      Kind Regards,
      --- In jasspa@yahoogroups.com, Jon Green <jon@...> wrote:
      > Phillips, Steven wrote:
      > > This is probably one of my bugs and I've just not had a chance to
      > > into it yet - sorry.
      > >
      > > As for a release, I think we should generate one but as the
      majority of
      > > this is done by Jon, it is definitely his call...
      > >
      > Hi Pedro,
      > I'm catching up with the out of date documentation at the moment which
      > is the biggest job. Lets say its more than a few weeks away at the
      > moment. Once that is done we start rolling up the code into packages
      > roll out the odd beta.
      > So don't hold your breath, I'd be aiming for end of August by the time
      > that we have built across all platforms a number of times to validate
      > the release. We also need to validate a MS Vista install somehow, this
      > might be a bit of a problem because I do not have Vista and do not know
      > anybody that is running it either - so if you have run ME on Vista I
      > would love to know how you got on. Also I'm also considering swapping
      > Windows installer and moving to the Nullsoft installer.
      > Regards
      > Jon.
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