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2329Re: BUG [September 2008 beta] - Win32

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  • Pedro Gomes
    Jun 30 9:18 AM
      Hi Jon,

      Sorry about my dyslexia :P, but I was refering to the latest 2008
      development snapshot.

      It seems that only the 'Shift-LeftMouseButton' assignment is not
      working the mouse.emf file is not loaded prior to use. If I load it by
      using the code I sent added to the end of me.emf it works like a charm.

      Waiting for new stuff, is always swell.

      > Hi Pedro,
      > Are you referring to the the me20080218_dev_snapshot that is here:
      > http://www.jasspa.com/development/me20080218_dev_snapshot/
      > or the official September 2006 image?
      > We should probably try to find some time to properly bundle the source
      > code that we are using and make a full release with the latest bug
      > and features. There is some new stuff like the built-in grep and find
      > that I just cannot do without - hence the snapshot which allowed me to
      > get it onto some remote machines.
      > As of the end of today I should have a brief window of availability and
      > will try and muster enough time to do a full release. Sorry we have
      > been far too busy up to now to make this happen.
      > Regards
      > Jon.
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