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2327BUG [September 2008 beta] - Win32

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  • Pedro Gomes
    Jun 30, 2008
      Hello All,
      Found a problem in the assignment of the Sift-Left-Button assignment.
      It never seems to work (all the others and with the other buttons are
      correct - don't ask me why). And the only way I found to make it work
      was my forcing the load of the "mouse.emf" in the bottom of me.emf file.

      Below a piece of code to append the me.emf file.

      Please note I don't believe this is a nice and neat way to do it, but
      it does work :-)

      ----cut here----
      ; Load in the mouse handling routines if required
      !if &band $mouse 0x10
      !force exec-file "mouse"
      ---cut here--------
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