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2302hi MicroEmacs Users and developers !!

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  • Pablo Mercader Alcantara
    Mar 22, 2008
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      I feel very happy that a text editor like MicroEmacs exists, i love it
      just like it is. But I had two little inconvinients using it, one is
      the multi-byte files thing, and the other one is that i liked the
      transparent background on linux consoles and it doesn't work with
      micro emacs.

      I already hear that the first one is very hard to solve, but what
      about the second one transparent background on linux consoles, what do
      i have to seek for ?? is there any place where i can change the color
      maping ?? where is it ??.

      i so that "Jeremy" wrote a message about this (#972) but no one aswered...

      i sopose that i'll have to recompile it.

      Thankyou guys !!!
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