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23[jasspa] Favourites in the menu.

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  • Detlef Groth
    Aug 2, 1999
      Hello Me-users !

      I was missing the possibility to add favourites to the menu, which is common in many other editors and helps a lot. Therfore I was modifiying osd.emf and were creating favourit.emf.
      You should include favourite files in the file-menu like:

      in osd.emf
      osd 1 60 "" "&Close C-x k" f osd-close
      ; add
      osd 1 61 "Mde" "Favo&urites A-1" .osd.favour-popup1 ; addition for favourit.emf
      in the new favourit.emf write:

      set-variable .osd.favour-popup1 &pinc .osd.next 1

      osd .osd.favour-popup1 0 "b"
      osd .osd.favour-popup1 1 "i" "add &New" f "find-file \"C:/jemacs99b/macros/favourit.emf\""
      osd .osd.favour-popup1 2 "-"
      osd .osd.favour-popup1 10 "i" "&Abk├╝rzung" f "find-file \"E:/promotio/Latex/Abkurz.tex\""
      osd .osd.favour-popup1 20 "i" "&Einleitung" f "find-file \"E:/promotio/Latex/Einleit.tex\""
      ;and so on...other files place here
      osd .osd.favour-popup1 60 "-"
      ; for fast access by "A-1" shortcut:
      define-macro favour-popup1
      .osd.favour-popup1 osd

      global-bind-key "favour-popup1" "A-1"

      No I can switch very fast between my most important documents. If the buffer is already opened it is activated and I am immediatly at the actual place. Great ! May be something similar is advisable for a program-starter in the excecute-menu after the shell-command. I were creating a special progstart.emf similar to the favourites. In the moment you have to add your files manually to the file favourit.emf. Is there a possibility to do this automatically ?

      Best regards,