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2297Re: New mode questions

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  • cp200205
    Dec 28, 2007
      Wow. Ok. I spent some time in both the falcon docs and Jasspa hk*emf
      files. I found a solution to my IF problem, largely due to me having
      the syntax wrong.

      if 1: print("HELLO")

      is valid, but my other:

      if 1:

      is not. If multi line, you cannot use : and have to use an end. So, I
      now have a statement like:

      indent .hilight.falcon n "if[^:]*$" t

      which will work in "most" cases. I suppose,

      if line == "HELLO:WORLD"

      would fail.

      Anyway... my only outstanding issue now is indenting:

      name = "Dear Mr. John Doe,\n\n"
      ...."How are you doing today?\n"
      ...."This is a multiline string, one method at least.\n"

      I've tried a few weird things such as:

      indent .hilight.falcon s "^[ \t]*\"" t

      but that will cause each subsequent line to indent and also, it does
      not work if my string exclusion is on.

      Any thoughts on my final problem?

      Jeremy Cowgar
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