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2253RE: [jasspa] shell commands

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  • Phillips, Steven
    Apr 2, 2007
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      When entering a command-line using the message-line (i.e. interactive) I use the C-x y and C-x C-y key bindings to insert the current buffer's name and file name respectively. The buffer's name is usually very close to the file name without the path (sometimes have to remove the "<2>" etc)

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      I don't think there's a shortcut.

      I think you're meant to construct the command string yourself.
      As Ian just pointed out, list-variables shows various variables that
      hold various forms of the filename.

      If you want not to have to worry about the filename, maybe try
      pipe-shell-command (and supply your own result buffer name to catch the


      Bryan Schofield wrote:
      > Is there any short cut to insert the current buffer's file name in to
      > a shell command, using shell-command, pipe-shell-command, or
      > ipipe-shell- command? Something like vi's %?
      > for example,
      > someScript -opt %f

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