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2245Re: [jasspa] system wide font size

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  • Jon Green
    Mar 25, 2007
      Christof Boeckler wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > I would like to enlarge the system wide font size for ME on Solaris.
      > The new 19 inch TFTs in our computer lab make the default font size (15
      > pt) look very tiny.
      > According to change-font(2) I could set thing up in my personal
      > .Xdefaults file, but I see no way to do that in a system wide ME global
      > setup file (I installed ME there) for all users. Otherwise most people
      > will refuse to consider ME a useful tool.
      > Gruß / Regards
      > Christof

      Sounds like you are sysadmin on this - why not edit me.emf and add a
      little start-up macro that:

      a) Sets the font to new default.
      b) Checks the users .Xdefaults file for a "MicroEmacs.font" entry, if it
      does not exist then adds one (or creates the file if it does not exist).

      I like option b) better than a) because it will not cause any re-sizze
      anomalies and allows the user to change it themselves and not get your
      default as part of the start-up.

      Now I'm sure that writing a macro for b) is going to be fairly easy -
      but a little late for me at the moment.

      find-file ~/.Xdefaults
      search-forward "^MicroEmacs.font"
      if it does not exist
      insert-string "MicroEmacs.font ..."
      save the file
      kill-buffer ".Xdefault"

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