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2240Re: [jasspa] '.' no longer exits search and replace

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  • Bryan Schofield
    Mar 23, 2007
      ! works for "replace all remaining", I think it's an undocumented feature.

      On 3/22/07, Thomas Hundt <thundt@...> wrote:
      > I swear this used to work... (I'm using 2006/09/09 now.)
      > Hitting a period no longer quits query-replace-mode.
      > It seems to have been replaced by an 'L' for "last" command.
      > (What I want is a way to quit out of it elegantly, rather than by brute
      > force with C-g.)
      > On the plus side, I see we now have an 'a' for "replace all remaining"
      > now, which I've been wanting for a long time. (I would have bound this
      > to '!'.)
      > Is there a way to rebind these keys, so I can fix this myself?
      > (Whenever possible, I make all software use the same bindings, for
      > obvious reasons. And I try to standardize on the standard GNU Emacs
      > bindings over Jasspa's, because when faced with an unfamiliar machine,
      > the odds are about 10,000 to 1 that GNU will be installed, and not
      > Jasspa. It's nice to just be able to get to work.)
      > Thanks
      > FYI here's the GNU help for this function (query-replace):
      > > Type Space or `y' to replace one match, Delete or `n' to skip to next,
      > > RET or `q' to exit, Period to replace one match and exit,
      > > Comma to replace but not move point immediately,
      > > C-r to enter recursive edit (C-M-c to get out again),
      > > C-w to delete match and recursive edit,
      > > C-l to clear the screen, redisplay, and offer same replacement again,
      > > ! to replace all remaining matches with no more questions,
      > > ^ to move point back to previous match,
      > > E to edit the replacement string
      > --
      > Thomas Hundt <tom@...> +1-415-867-6698
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