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22[jasspa] Super Delete Fix

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  • Jon Green
    Jul 31, 1999
      Somebody posted a question that the example macro
      super-delete did not function correctly. This had been
      fixed a while ago but one of the documentation pages
      carried the old version of the macro (see
      CurrentBufferVariables(4)). The correct version is:-

      ;--- Macro to delete the whitespace, or if on a word all of the
      ; word until the next word is reached.
      define-macro super-delete
      !while ¬ &sin @wc " \t\n"
      !until &or &seq @wc "" ¬ &sin @wc " \t\n"

      I typically bind this to "C-delete"

      global-bind-key super-delete "C-delete"

      Problem being that a deletion from the end of the buffer
      locked up. Sorry !!