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  • dsjkvf
    Jan 24, 2007
      yes, Steven, thank you very much for your additions. they are really helpful.

      On 1/24/07, Phillips, Steven <sphillips@... > wrote:
      I think the use of another window is by far the simplest and best, there are a couple of additions to this solution you might want to try:
      define-macro workspace
      1 split-window-horizontally
      ;*scratch* buffer on the left is quite handy for different notes while writing
      find-buffer "*scratch*"
      ; lock the window to this buffer and lock its width
      set-variable $window-flags &bor $window-flags 5
      ; you should adjust this number to your screen
      40 change-window-width
      By locking the buffer to the window commands that display another buffer (like file-browser or help etc) will not use this window, and by locking the width any frame size changes will not affect the *scratch* window width, without it and frame size change will resize the width to 50%.

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