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  • dsjkvf
    Jan 24, 2007
      On 1/23/07, jon@... <jon@...> wrote:

      > Quick method would be to write a macro that changes the current
      > $buffer-fill-col to be the buffer width.

      but it does work only for the right margin, doesn't it?

      > Would be better if you left the window at its normal size (whatever normal
      > is for you typically 80 working columns) and simply placed it in the
      > middle of the screen! Obviously your other alternative is to use a Word
      > processor (MS-Word / Star(Open)Office) which I guess exhibits the actual
      > behavior that you are looking for.

      the point is that when typing i do not want to see any other windows,
      which could distract me :).

      and i surely prefer ME to any *Office* like equipment, since it just
      suits for everything: code, essays, articles, etc. (and Jon, of
      course, knows it :)).

      however, if anybody else is interested, then here's a kind of solution:
      define-macro workspace
      1 split-window-horizontally
      ;*scratch* buffer on the left is quite handy for different notes while writing
      find-buffer "*scratch*"
      ; you should adjust this number to your screen
      40 change-window-width
      i also use a modified theme with scrollbars' color match the
      background's color (which can be easily done in Scheme Editor).

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