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2190Re: [jasspa] pseudo-wrap

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  • dsjkvf
    Jan 15, 2007
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      On 1/15/07, Phillips, Steven <sphillips@...> wrote:

      > There is a command called 'browse' which has a wrap mode bound to 'w', this is
      > the closest ME comes to this type of feature,

      but it is only for viewing, as i see..

      the point is that i'd like to edit some text files in ME (since it's
      the best editor, you know :)), but then i should forward those files
      to printing house, and therefore files should not have any hard line
      break (only those to separate paragraphs).

      as i've mentioned earlier, i've tried to add a little macro:

      define-macro format-text
      65536 paragraph-to-line

      but somehow it works strange for me -- when applying it sometimes
      "eat" spaces between words at the beginning of the lines -- the
      possibility of "eating" seems to be bigger if words are short or the
      language is non-english (it can be seen when applying several times).

      so, i would be really grateful for any advice or hint :)

      thank you.

      >> is it possible to use something, that may be called pseudo-wrap: when
      >> text is wrapped while edited, but when saved it remains unwrapped, one
      >> paragraph -- one line.

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