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2164RE: [jasspa] JST Mode, any docs?

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  • Phillips, Steven
    Dec 4, 2006
      If you are using the right version of notes.emf it will be the default major mode for all notes.
      Load your notes file and go to a note, then open Tools -> Major Mode Setup, if the title is "Default Major Mode Setup" then you are probably using an out of date notes.emf. Also check if the command 'note-setup' is defined, this command can be used to set each note's major mode, i.e. in the same notes file you can now create C, shell, jst, emf ... notes.

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      Subject: Re: [jasspa] JST Mode, any docs?

      On 12/4/06, dsjkvf <dsjkvf@gmail. com> wrote:
      > also, if these documents are now included in help, then i can probably
      > find 'em somewhere on jasspa.com?

      so, i found this: http://www.jasspa. com/me/m9typ047. html -- which do
      work with files with extension *.jst. so, this is quite clear :).

      but taking into consideration the following Bryan's quote:

      >>> Are you asking in references to Notes? If so this is my cheat
      >>> sheet note on using Notes and jst formatting..

      i still do not understand how to use it within the Notes-utility. ..
      what and how should i use in order to be enable Jasspa structured text
      in Notes?


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