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2161RE: [jasspa] JST Mode, any docs?

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  • Phillips, Steven
    Dec 4, 2006
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      I think you might be running a slightly out of date version, the jst docs and shift to using JST in notes was about the last change made to the latest release.

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      Subject: Re: [jasspa] JST Mode, any docs?

      On 11/30/06, Bryan Schofield <schofield.bryan@ gmail.com> wrote:
      > Esc x
      > help-item
      > jst

      [Can't find help on jst] :)

      > Are you asking in references to Notes? If so this is my cheat sheet note on using Notes and jst formatting.. .

      probably, i'm missing something very obvious :), but how one can use
      it in Notes? any specific header (similar to e.g. >doc>)? or smthng

      thank you


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