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2155Re: [jasspa] JST Mode, any docs?

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  • Bryan Schofield
    Nov 30, 2006
      Esc x

      Are you asking in references to Notes? If so this is my cheat sheet note on using Notes and jst formatting...

      ""Verbatim Text""

      !* Styled block of text
      Can use combinations of style characters: */_@,`"
      Continues until a blank line

      = Heading 1
      == Heading 2
      === Heading 3
      ==c Centered Heading 2

      *. Bullet list
      1. Numbered list
      A. Alpha list
      a. Alpha list
      I. Roman numeral list
      i. Roman numeral list
       . A single . indicates continuation of the list
         A. Lists can be nested

      :. Term
         Definition list

      Nested highlight modes:
      public String getName() {
          return this.name;

      Supported Modes:
      emf    - JASSPA MicroEmacs Macro file.
      pseudo - Pseudo code block.
      bnf    - BNF block.
      c      - ANSI C code block.
      cpp    - C++ code block.
      perl   - Perl code block.
      tcl    - TCL code block.
      shell  - UNIX shell block.
      java   - Java code block.
      ini    - MS-DOS/Windows .ini code block.
      php    - PHP code block.
      make   - Makefile fragment.

      > No justification will occur for this paragraph
      >c Center justified paragraph
      >r Right justified paragraph

      On 11/30/06, Jeremy Cowgar < jeremy@...> wrote:

      Is there a doc somewhere on how to use this mode? Or an example?


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