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2106Re: [jasspa] short questions

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  • dsjkvf
    Nov 6, 2006
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      On 11/6/06, jon@... <jon@...> wrote:

      > This depends. If you can simply over-ride some settings or re-define a
      > macro then the myXXXX.emf should be used to do this. If the changes are
      > more widespread then it is better to copy the whole macro file to your
      > user directory and then modify it.

      i see.

      > Do not change the system macros because
      > if you mess up then you cannot fall back on the originals.

      yes, i've faced something like that just recently when upgrading to
      '06 release :) (and as a result, i was using diff a lot to find all my
      changes :)).

      > Put "> -!- document -!-" in the top of the document or add the following
      > to the end of your <user>.emf
      > add-file-hook ".txt .doc" fhook-doc

      thank you, Jon!

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