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2103Re: [jasspa] short questions

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  • jon@jasspa.com
    Nov 6, 2006
      > On 11/6/06, Phillips, Steven <sphillips@...> wrote:
      >> I suggest you take the osd-new-buffer macro from osd.emf and change the
      >> "new%d" to "new%d.doc".
      > Steven, thank you for your help.
      > what would be the best way to override preinstalled macroses in
      > general? e.g., in this case should i copy osd-new-buffer to my
      > .emf-file and correct it to my needs there? or should i copy (and
      > correct then) osd.emf to myosd.emf in MEUSERPATH? or any other way?

      This depends. If you can simply over-ride some settings or re-define a
      macro then the myXXXX.emf should be used to do this. If the changes are
      more widespread then it is better to copy the whole macro file to your
      user directory and then modify it. Do not change the system macros because
      if you mess up then you cannot fall back on the originals.

      > and another question: for now doc-mode "works" only for files wiith
      > extension ".doc". is it possible to make it also work with ".txt"
      > files?

      Put "> -!- document -!-" in the top of the document or add the following
      to the end of your <user>.emf

      add-file-hook ".txt .doc" fhook-doc


      >> See the goto-matching-fence command, writing a macro around this should
      >> be trivial. Note that matching a '"' fence is non-trivial because ME
      >> will not know whether it is currently at the openning or closing '"' -
      >> see the docs for more info.
      > yes, i thought so -- that with "" it will not be so easy. however,
      > thank you for your explanation.
      > --
      > dsjkvf
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