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2102Re: [jasspa] short questions

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  • dsjkvf
    Nov 6, 2006
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      On 11/6/06, Phillips, Steven <sphillips@...> wrote:

      > I suggest you take the osd-new-buffer macro from osd.emf and change the
      > "new%d" to "new%d.doc".

      Steven, thank you for your help.

      what would be the best way to override preinstalled macroses in
      general? e.g., in this case should i copy osd-new-buffer to my
      .emf-file and correct it to my needs there? or should i copy (and
      correct then) osd.emf to myosd.emf in MEUSERPATH? or any other way?

      and another question: for now doc-mode "works" only for files wiith
      extension ".doc". is it possible to make it also work with ".txt"

      > See the goto-matching-fence command, writing a macro around this should
      > be trivial. Note that matching a '"' fence is non-trivial because ME
      > will not know whether it is currently at the openning or closing '"' -
      > see the docs for more info.

      yes, i thought so -- that with "" it will not be so easy. however,
      thank you for your explanation.

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