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2100Re: [jasspa] short questions

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  • Christof Boeckler
    Nov 6, 2006
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      dsjkvf schrieb:
      > On 11/6/06, dsjkvf <dsjkvf@...> wrote:
      >> i want to create a new file and apply certain template to it (in my
      >> particular case i want the file's major mode be set to doc). of
      >> course, i want to do it with one keypress :) (with macro, i think) --
      >> in fact, it should be something like that: ask for a name for a new
      >> buffer, create buffer with this name and then set buffer's major mode
      >> to doc.
      >> how new buffers are created in ME at all? i don't seem to find any
      >> create-buffer command :).

      From next-buffer(2):

      "find-buffer switches to buffer "buffer-name" in the current window. If
      the buffer does not exist and a zero argument n is supplied then the
      command fails. If the buffer does not exist but no argument or a positive
      argument n is specified then a new buffer is created, at which point the
      file-hook is evaluated."

      > in fact, i can even operate this way:
      > define-macro new-doc-file
      > find-buffer "*scratch*"
      > insert-string "> -!- document -!-"
      > write-buffer
      > !emacro
      > but then the highlighting will not work -- the file needs either to be
      > reopen (and then the header will set it's major mode to doc) or i
      > should set his mode manually via Tools -> Buffer setup -> Major mode.
      > what do you think, is there any way to automate this procedure?

      I would rather try to set up a <mode>.etf file in your ME search path. It
      will be inserted automatically if you create a new file of the chosen mode.

      E.g. I have a latex.etf in my ~/.jasspa file on Linux and if I press C-x
      C-f newfile.tex then I get a new buffer with content of latex.etf in it.

      Gruß / Regards

      Da sie sich für weise hielten, sind sie zu Narren geworden. Rö 1,22
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