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2098Re: [jasspa] short questions

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  • dsjkvf
    Nov 6, 2006
      On 11/6/06, Christof Boeckler <cb@...> wrote:
      > > 1. how to create a new file using certain template (e.g. > -!-
      > > document -!-)? i've found only an osd-new-buffer command, but how to
      > > tell it what i need a DOCUMENT buffer? of course, i can switch it
      > > later manually from menu via buffer setup, but how to automate the
      > > process?
      > I didn't understand you, probably since I don't use OSD related features.
      > Maybe someone else can help.

      i want to create a new file and apply certain template to it (in my
      particular case i want the file's major mode be set to doc). of
      course, i want to do it with one keypress :) (with macro, i think) --
      in fact, it should be something like that: ask for a name for a new
      buffer, create buffer with this name and then set buffer's major mode
      to doc.

      how new buffers are created in ME at all? i don't seem to find any
      create-buffer command :).

      of course, i can selecte *scratch*, C-x C-w it with certain name and
      then set his major mode to doc. but it sure does require some more
      efforts :).

      > > 2. when i insert brackets, cursor jumps for a second at the first
      > > bracket, and then places after the second bracket. is there any way to
      > > disable this behaviour?
      > See user-setup(3), Platform: Fence Display.

      yes, thank you!

      > > 2.1. is it possible to disable it, but still to be able to select text
      > > in brackets () or in quotes "" with only a few keypresses?
      > How do you do it now with little effort?

      in fact, i haven't tried -- so, assuming from you question, i won't be able :).
      i've just thought that since ME can detect opening and closing
      brackets, then it can be possible to write a macro, which can go from
      an opening bracket to a closing one. and then you just need to set a
      mark and go to another bracket.

      what do you think?

      > > 3. how to start ME in Windows in maximized mode? setting shortcut
      > > properties to "Maximized window" does not work here :(
      > Start ME, maximise the window, click right on the Mode Line and select
      > Store Frame Size. That's it. ME will remember its window size on next
      > startup.

      yes, it works :). thank you once again.

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