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2096Re: [jasspa] short questions

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  • Christof Boeckler
    Nov 5, 2006
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      dsjkvf schrieb:
      > hello,

      Hi dsjkvf!

      > could you please help me once again :)

      I will try for now.

      > 1. how to create a new file using certain template (e.g. > -!-
      > document -!-)? i've found only an osd-new-buffer command, but how to
      > tell it what i need a DOCUMENT buffer? of course, i can switch it
      > later manually from menu via buffer setup, but how to automate the
      > process?

      I didn't understand you, probably since I don't use OSD related features.
      Maybe someone else can help.

      > 2. when i insert brackets, cursor jumps for a second at the first
      > bracket, and then places after the second bracket. is there any way to
      > disable this behaviour?

      See user-setup(3), Platform: Fence Display.

      > 2.1. is it possible to disable it, but still to be able to select text
      > in brackets () or in quotes "" with only a few keypresses?

      How do you do it now with little effort?

      > 3. how to start ME in Windows in maximized mode? setting shortcut
      > properties to "Maximized window" does not work here :(

      Start ME, maximise the window, click right on the Mode Line and select
      Store Frame Size. That's it. ME will remember its window size on next

      > thank you :).

      Keep asking!

      Gruß / Regards

      Da sie sich für weise hielten, sind sie zu Narren geworden. Rö 1,22
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