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2042Re: [jasspa] macro for close / exit

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  • dsjkvf
    Oct 24, 2006
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      On 10/24/06, Bryan Schofield <schofield.bryan@...> wrote:

      > I think he wants something like to do the following:
      > * save current buffer
      > * close current buffer
      > * if no more important buffers are opened, exit emacs.

      no :). he wants to have one key for different needs (just in order to
      remember less shortcuts): at one moment pressing it will close current
      foreground buffer, at other moment of time pressing it will close
      foreground file-browser, at another moment pressing it will exit ME.

      > The following macro should do that, but you'll need to refine the
      > $buffer-names regex to find buffers that you think are important. The
      > regex below finds buffers that are not do not start with a "*".

      Bryan, thank you for your feedback, but however, this is not what i
      want to do. please refer to my letter to Thomas :)

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