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1998Re: [jasspa] java indent and highligting

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  • Jon Green
    Oct 5, 2006
      Thomas Hundt wrote:
      > Hold it. This release is unusable.
      > Basic functionality has been broken:
      > private static final Logger LOG =
      > Logger.getLogger(PeakHourReportRunner.class);
      > now comes out as
      > private static final Logger LOG =
      > Logger.getLogger(PeakHourReportRunner.class);
      > and if-else statements come out as
      > if (something)
      > do_something();
      > else
      > do_something_else();
      > (Bryan feels the whole world should have to put in braces, but --
      > idealism aside -- I know I'm going to be editing plenty of peoples' code
      > without all the braces where he would like them. It IS a legitimate
      > Java feature not to have to put in extra braces where they aren't
      > necessary, and having the editor properly indent them will allow one to
      > find out where one screwed it up, right? I mean that is why we are
      > doing this, yes?)
      > I'm rather have it work the way it used to, minus any of the new
      > "improvements", if basic functionality like this goes out the window.
      > Sorry, Jon. It was looking great there for a while, but this is too much.
      > Regards,
      > -Th

      OK, here is the next one!

      This time the default mode of operation is the built in indentation with
      the bracket alignment disabled.

      Note that your history will likely be retained so you will have to
      reconfigure the major mode to return to some default using

      M-x major-mode-setup

      The defaults are:

      Brace Hilighting:OFF
      Enable Bracket Alignment:OFF (Enables old brace alignment)
      Alternative Indent Mode:OFF (Pure Java mode)

      I understand that neither method is ideal. With the 'C' type indent then
      there are issues with "@" statements. These are not present in the
      Alternative indent - but this then needs to be fully bracketed.

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