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1953Re: [jasspa] Re: highlighting, two more question

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  • Steven Phillips
    Sep 11, 2006
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      >> > in fact, i do not plan to generate html from my notes... but
      >> > while we are here, could you please tell me what is JST? :)

      > i've found that it stands for JASSPA Structured Text, which is a set
      > of macros to convert structured text into other formats.

      > however, i can't find it in the help file -- is it there?

      Some docs are needed, will try to get something out.

      > also, Steven, while we are here -- could you confirm, that for now
      > folding does not work in Notes tool? i've tried to apply collapse-all
      > command there -- but received only [Collapse not available for enf] in
      > response...

      Using features that use narrowing is a little dangerous in notes as notes
      relies on narrowing to view a note so it's easy to break things.

      That said I have a beta version that allows me to set a major mode for each
      note (defaulting to JST) and for each mode that supports collapse the keys are
      appropriately bound. This should make it into the main release.

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