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1930Re: [jasspa] Restoring session?

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  • Jon Green
    Sep 4, 2006
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      Phillips, Steven wrote:
      > Unfortunately on my system (Windows XP Pro) my username is "Rick
      > Owen". I have tried restoring my session using your example, but
      > the embedded space seems to be a fatal problem. I have tried the
      > following without success:
      > me -cRick Owen
      > me -cRick\ Owen
      > me -c'Rick Owen'
      > me -c"Rick Owen"
      > me "-cRick Owen" (this one seemed to have it's own unique set of
      > issues at startup)
      > In your own user directory (see ME's $user-path) you should find the
      > file "Rick Owen.esf", if not what is your ME $user-name? I find running
      > me "-cFoo Bar"

      I'd better add this bracketing to the help as well, it never occurred to
      me that people would have a space in their login name as it is typically
      the same as the E-mail name. Not being overly familiar with Windows I'm
      not sure that I'd have known what to do here either.


      > works fine as long as "Foo Bar.esf" is in the user path.
      > Is there any hope for me?
      > Is this question limited in scope to ME ? :)
      > Steve
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