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1929Re: [jasspa] Restoring session?

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  • Rick Owen
    Sep 4, 2006
      Hmmmm.  Didn't work a minute ago. Works now. Must be gremlins.  Earlier I did try me "-cRick Owen" and I received an error about a problem in mysql.emf which had been parsed a hundred times prior to that without an error.  This time when I tried your suggestion it worked fine.  I'm not one to argue with success, so I'll just assume that the first attempt failed because of some odd alignment of the planets...

      As for the question "Is there any hope for me?" For the sake of my self esteem, we had probably better just limit it to "me" problems rather the problems with "me". :)


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      Sent: Monday, September 4, 2006 6:43:24 AM
      Subject: RE: [jasspa] Restoring session?

      Unfortunately on my system (Windows XP Pro) my username is "Rick Owen".  I have tried restoring my session using your example, but the embedded space seems to be a fatal problem.  I have tried the following without success:

      me -cRick Owen
      me -cRick\ Owen
      me -c'Rick Owen'
      me -c"Rick Owen"
      me "-cRick Owen" (this one seemed to have it's own unique set of issues at startup) 
      In your own user directory (see ME's $user-path) you should find the file "Rick Owen.esf", if not what is your ME $user-name? I find running
         me "-cFoo Bar"
      works fine as long as "Foo Bar.esf" is in the user path. 

      Is there any hope for me?   
      Is this question limited in scope to ME ? :)

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