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1920Re: [jasspa] increase / decrease indent

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  • Jon Green
    Aug 31, 2006
      Thomas Hundt wrote:
      > Ha! What a funny bug!
      > You select a region from the bottom up, do Format>Decrease Indent, and
      > the last line (only) gets moved.
      > The decrease indent function must have a loop whereby it starts from
      > mark and does a "while if line < point" at the end of it.
      > format.emf:
      > indent-decrease
      > which calls indent-increase
      > I think this swap-the-ends-of-the-region functionality is backwards, in
      > format.emf around line 384 (I've commented out the incorrect lines):
      > set-variable #l1 $window-line
      > !if &les #l2 #l1
      > ; set-variable #l2 #l1
      > ; set-variable #l1 $window-line
      > set-variable #l1 #l2 ; TMH FIX
      > set-variable #l2 $window-line ; TMH FIX
      > !endif
      > set-variable #l2 &sub #l2 1
      > This seems to work, in my 30s of testing.
      > -Th

      Thanks for this, it certainly was broken and this did fix the problem.

      I did identify a few more subtle usability aspects surrounding this
      command with respect to point and mark moving which in some
      circumstances caused the selected region size to change. Hopefully I
      have fixed these now but has meant that the point and mark cannot be
      retained at their original positions in all cases but does mean that the
      command should behave as expected.

      A new patch is available as follows:


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