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1883Re: [jasspa] -t c build problem on solaris and freebsd?

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  • Jon Green
    Jul 12, 2006
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      Phillips, Steven wrote:
      > Looking a little more closely at your printout, there is an obvious
      > contradiction. The use of 'freebsd.mak' and 'cc' as the compile means
      > that you are not actually using gcc so the problem may be cause by the
      > use of a duff compiler. Can you please send me the output of running 'cc
      > -V', also try running 'build -t c -m freebsd.gmk' to force it to use the
      > gcc compiler.
      > Thanks,
      > Steve

      The same applies to Solaris if you are using Sun compiler (which I
      assume you are because it is much better). If I recall this might have
      been patched after the 05/05 release. Could try the later source:


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