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1880-t c build problem on solaris and freebsd?

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  • Paul Holbrook
    Jul 12, 2006
      I tried to build me from sourch on both a Solaris 8 and a FreeBSD 4.11

      I used gcc in both cases, and on both boxes, I got the same error from
      my build. Here's the freebsd version:

      ./build -t c
      make -f freebsd.mak mec

      <build lines excluded - no errors>

      cc -O2 -DNDEBUG=1 -D_FREEBSD -I. -D_ME_CONSOLE -o next.oc -c next.c
      cc -O2 -DNDEBUG=1 -D_FREEBSD -I. -D_ME_CONSOLE -o osd.oc -c osd.c
      osd.c:5752: macro `TTallKeysFlush' used without args
      *** Error code 1

      I found a reference to TTallKeysFlush on this group back in May 05,
      but that was building the ne version; I can build -ne with no problem.

      Any idea what this might be?

      -- Paul
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