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1873RE: [jasspa] Suppress EOF trailing newline?

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  • Phillips, Steven
    Jun 12, 2006

      ME does not insist, it is simply the default behaviour to terminate a
      line created in ME with a \n (as per any editor), you should find that
      for any text file (i.e. does not contain nasty chars) loading it into ME
      and saving will produce the same file and if not I would be interested
      in the file as it may be a bug.

      You can disable the writing of the new-line char for any line by setting
      bit 0x10 of variable $line-flags, i.e. try loading this file, go to the
      last but one line (the last line is always an empty place holder line
      which is not written) and execute the following macro code:

      set-variable $line-flags &bor 0x10 $line-flags


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      > Sent: 12 June 2006 02:37
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      > Subject: [jasspa] Suppress EOF trailing newline?
      > ME insists that all text files shall end with a newline. To
      > the point of adding one, free of charge, even when the file
      > didn't come with one.
      > Unfortunately, this screws up many programs that import data
      > into a database. (Today's example is Intellisync for
      > BlackBerry.) It sees the newline and thinks, "Oh, there's
      > another line". And promptly complains because it can't find
      > any fields.
      > Often, I can fudge things by manually inserting a ^Z before
      > that newline (this works for Windows programs). But I don't
      > feel like I should have to do this every time.
      > Is there any way to turn this behavior off?
      > (If not, I'd like to request it.)
      > Cheers
      > -Th
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