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1857Re: [jasspa] question about notes

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  • Jon Green
    Jun 1, 2006
      Deak, Ferenc wrote:
      >>> I've started to use the notes interface, and I have a question about its satbility.
      >>> Is it suitable to use it for notes larger than 100K?
      >> 100K is a book isn't it? It is hardly a note.
      > Oh, sorry, I meant that the whole notes file is larger than 100 or 200k. Sorry.

      Hi Ferenc,

      Sorry I thought you were proposing large single notes and were
      considering a note file in the 250MB-1GB range. 100K for the whole notes
      file is fine. My notes file is currently 1.2M and still growing and have
      not had any problems with it at all with respect to speed. I have not
      lost any information and I still consider the file to be very small. I
      must admit I do find it very useful a good place to put all those small
      bits of information that would otherwise get lost.

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