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1856Re: [jasspa] question about notes

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  • Deak, Ferenc
    May 31, 2006
      > > I've started to use the notes interface, and I have a question about its satbility.
      > > Is it suitable to use it for notes larger than 100K?
      > 100K is a book isn't it? It is hardly a note.

      Oh, sorry, I meant that the whole notes file is larger than 100 or 200k. Sorry.

      I've used a lot of note taking programs, and never realised that 'jasspa' has
      a 'notes' feature. 'Jasspa' is always available to me (the first program I compile on a
      new system) so I started to use its 'notes', I have more than 200k of notes in different
      files, which I started to convert, even I have note files where I don't know the program
      with which it was made in the past.. (I hope this sentence is more or less ok in english...)

      > > How many people using it seriously?
      > Well I use it nearly everyday if that is called seriously.

      Yes it is called. If notes is the developer's notes that's enough :-)
      There are programs, where some features are not so widely used and tested
      than the main features...

      > > PS,
      > > by the way, is there any plan when this year's version will be released?
      > >
      > Well there is no plan as such we keep saying it must be done but I've
      > been really busy on some other work for the last 6 months and time has
      > got in the way. I am miles behind with the documentation and need to
      > sort out the foreign keyboard stuff on UNIX which is top of my list (but
      > below some of the other things I have to do at the moment). Maybe we can
      > push a pre-release for a few platforms without all of the documentation
      > updates if you want a beta version - note that this is still going to be
      > stable but not what we would call product (but probably better than the
      > last release). A 'golden' version is likely to be 3 months away i.e. a
      > release that is complete with all of the documentation and has been
      > fully tested and built across all platforms with packages and has had at
      > least 1 release candidate - this always takes a long time to prepare.

      Thanks for this answer. I (and I think some other list members) would be more than
      happy, if we could help at least in the early testing. So if you think you could put a
      new test version to jasspa.com

      Thanks for your quick answer, and sorry for my bad composition,
      Ferenc Deak
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