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1855Re: [jasspa] question about notes

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  • Jon Green
    May 31, 2006
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      Deak, Ferenc wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I've started to use the notes interface, and I have a question about its satbility.
      > Is it suitable to use it for notes larger than 100K?

      100K is a book isn't it? It is hardly a note.

      How many people using it seriously?

      Well I use it nearly everyday if that is called seriously. My notes are
      typically a 1 or 2 pages long I do not have 100K in there. I have just
      put 950K in and it seems OK. I don't think people are committing such
      huge volumes of data that is not really what it is designed for.

      For your 100K slabs of data you might be better off with a 'link'. To
      create a link then put in an absolute path to the file i.e.
      ~docs/my_big_slab_of_text.txt or c:/docs/my_big_slab_of_text.txt
      (whatever your system). Then select this file name (highlight the text)
      and right click with mouse to get "Create link". Create the link and add
      a suitable link name - this is what you will see on the screen.

      Now the note is small, your source control system etc. will look after
      the document protection at the end of the link and you can still access
      it from Notes - just select the link.

      I think if you are seriously considering such large blocks of data and
      lots of them then this is a better way to manage it.

      > What about its speed with large files?

      The larger it is the longer it will take to both load and search. If it
      gets too big then your machine may start swapping (depending on how much
      memory you have) and it will get real slow.

      > Thanks in advance,
      > Ferenc Deak
      > PS,
      > by the way, is there any plan when this year's version will be released?

      Well there is no plan as such we keep saying it must be done but I've
      been really busy on some other work for the last 6 months and time has
      got in the way. I am miles behind with the documentation and need to
      sort out the foreign keyboard stuff on UNIX which is top of my list (but
      below some of the other things I have to do at the moment). Maybe we can
      push a pre-release for a few platforms without all of the documentation
      updates if you want a beta version - note that this is still going to be
      stable but not what we would call product (but probably better than the
      last release). A 'golden' version is likely to be 3 months away i.e. a
      release that is complete with all of the documentation and has been
      fully tested and built across all platforms with packages and has had at
      least 1 release candidate - this always takes a long time to prepare.

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