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1841Re: Auto-indent again

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  • smithno999
    May 7, 2006
      Looks like you all are 2 steps ahead of me. I played with the
      buffer settings and finally got the auto indent to work exactly
      the way I think it should! Good job guys!

      Is there a new release in the plans???


      --- In jasspa@yahoogroups.com, "smithno999" <smithno@...> wrote:
      > I used a computer today that I had not made the adjustments to
      > turn off auto indent that you all gave me previously. After using
      > it for half an hour, I finally figured out
      > what the real problem I have with ME's auto indent feature. I
      > think I can describe it:
      > Assume that you want to break a line in the middle. You place
      > the cursor in the middle of the line and press the Enter key.
      > ME re-indents the current line before inserting breaking the
      > line. It then indents the new line.
      > I believe that the auto indenting should NOT affect the current line,
      > only the new line. At least that is how all of the other editors
      > that I use work. Also the auto indention is to the same point as the
      > original line.
      > I think at least adding an option for auto indent to work this way
      > is a good enhancement to ME.
      > Thanks for listening,
      > Norm
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