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1832Re: [jasspa] bindings, notes, etc

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  • Alex Sa
    Apr 27, 2006
      On 4/27/06, Phillips, Steven <sphillips@...> wrote:

      > > 1. i do really like Notes utility and use it a lot -- but is
      > > it possible to bind some keys to switch between it's
      > > sections? i mean, i have a tree like that:
      > >
      > > +- Software
      > > +- Cross-platform
      > > +- MicroEmacs
      > >
      > > and while in right (notes) pane i want to use let's say, C-up
      > > / C-down to go through the whole tree without a need to
      > > switch back to the left
      > > (tree) pane. is it possible to make such a binding? sorry if
      > > i described it a bit chaotic :).
      > Do you mean that if showing MicroEmacs, C-up would move to
      > Cross-platform, and change the note being shown on the right hand side?

      yes, exactly. is it possible -- to change nodes without switching to
      left (tree) panel?

      > > 2. F10 is a shortcut to open / close the filemanager. is it
      > > possible to bind, e.g., F9 the same way to open and close
      > > Notes utility? i use global-bind-key notes "F9" to open, but
      > > how should i bind it in order to close when open? i know
      > > there is buffer-bind-key but can't find out how to properly
      > > use it in this case...
      > I have already bound f10 to hide the notes frame, this will be in the
      > next release, so you can use whatever key-binding you like to open notes
      > and f10 to close it (I have made quite a few changes in this area to
      > make it work much better).

      for now F10 (pressed while in Notes) brings up a file-manager.
      however, i surely can bind some key to notes-close, but i'd like to
      implement the scheme from file-browser: one key opens and closes
      utility. it seems to me very handy... is it possible? how it is done
      in the file-browser?

      > > 4. and, btw, how can i exit ME without any additional
      > > questions? :) i mean, if i do not want to save anything --
      > > something similar to vi's ":q!" :)
      > 8 exit-emacs

      how can i bind it to some key? global-bind-key "8 exit-emacs" "f2"
      doesn't seem to work :).

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