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1822Re: Accented vowels

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  • saberquiero
    Apr 10, 2006
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      > Anyway: On mine, and I believe this is what Rodolfo is seeing, in
      > Spanish layout mode, the '/" key (next to Enter) produces a 'Q'. I
      > believe this is supposed to be an accent key (hit that, then hit the
      > you want to accent).

      On my Spanish keyboard, to the right of the L is the Ñ (N tilde, ; and
      : in an US Keyboard), and to the right of Ñ, the " and ' (two points
      accent and acute accent, double and single quotes in US, I think).
      This is the key which outputs Q in ME. On top of this, to the right of
      the P, the ^ and ` key (cincunflex and grave accent, used in Frech; {
      and [ in US) outputs a P.

      I can tell I'm in Spanish because, for example,
      > the ;/: key outputs an 'n~' (tilde on top of an 'n'). (In German, this
      > key outputs an umlauted character, and the accent key is the =/+ key,
      > which also outputs a 'Q', and if I hit Shift first, which would
      > get me a different kind of accent, a 'P'. Aha!)
      > None of which gets us any closer to a solution, but at least we know
      > there's an issue.
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